Have a Question? Our most asked questions are here.

A: Yes. If you think you may need help, call Way Construction Services and one of our professionals will be available to answer your questions and offer assistance or referrals.

A: You are the client and ultimately you are in charge of your claim. You have an insurance agent who sold you your policy and represents the insurance carrier. You will also have an insurance adjuster, who is assigned to your claim by the insurance carrier. The adjuster will approve the scope and cost of repairs based on your insurance policy coverage. Way Construction Services is the contractor who is hired by you to repair your damaged property. All of the parties involved will communicate and agree upon a scope of work and cost of repairs.

A: No, Way Construction Services is hired by you the client, and we work for you!


A: No. The insurance company can recommend you use someone that they have had good results with, however the decision is yours. Way Construction Services is a preferred contractor for many insurance carriers and we hope that you will choose us. If you decide to choose another contractor, make sure that they are experienced, reputable and qualified.


A: This is one of our most frequently asked questions. We understand that you want the work completed in the quickest amount of time and we share that goal. Way Construction Services includes as part of our mission statement “a schedule that is aggressive and achievable”. Each project is unique and is assigned a team of professionals including a project superintendent that will provide you with a schedule of work and keep you informed of any changes.


A: NO. Way Construction Services can handle every step of the process. One call to us is all you need. We have trained professionals who can determine exactly what is needed to get your property back to the pre-loss condition. We can help you understand the entire process, coordinate the repairs, and make it less stressful on you.


A: Well, that is always an option, but new construction is very different from reconstruction. Did you know that it can cost more to replace a damaged home than to build a new one. There is a step by step process involved in reconstruction that requires trained and knowledgeable professionals. The reconstruction process involves dealing with demolition, hazardous materials, contents, smoke damage and other things that new construction companies are unfamiliar with. Way Construction Services “specializes” in reconstruction.


A: In the case where additional repairs are necessary, the Way Construction Services Sales Estimator assigned to your project will complete a supplement and submit it to your insurance representative for approval before additional work begins.


A: For additional estimates for work outside of the agreed upon scope, you should notify your project superintendent so they can facilitate the process to provide you with an estimate or change order for additional work. In this situation, the home owner is directly responsible for payment according to the change order specifications.


A: Ultimately, this is your decision. You should consider many issues related to reconstruction like noise, safety, odor, etc. Consult with your Way Construction Services team for assistance in deciding what is best for your circumstances.


A: The payment process differs for each project depending on the specifics of your insurance carrier, policy and claim. The Way Construction Services Estimator assigned to your claim will explain in detail the payment process for your claim and will answer any questions or concerns you may have.


A: When you signed the paperwork for your mortgage, there was likely a clause which required you to have property insurance and also an agreement to report any property losses to your insurance carrier and mortgage company. The mortgage company wants to make sure that you repair your property rather than spend the money on other purposes. Your insurance policy likely includes a mortgagee clause which specifies how to proceed. Your Way Construction Services Estimator assigned to your claim will help you understand this process and will answer any questions you may have.