Hiring a Contractor

Hiring a Contractor

Many factors today are influencing how you should go about hiring a contractor.  Now, more than ever it is extremely hard to get your construction projects completed as quick as you would like for the cost you expect.  The cheapest estimate is not always the best and be prepared for some delays along the way.  Contractors are facing unprecedented challenges: 

  • Labor Shortages
  • Material shortages
  • Supply Chain Delays
  • Higher Costs
  • Increased Demand
  • Covid

These challenges are all interrelated and feed off each other.  The bottom line is:  Find a contractor who you feel comfortable with, has many years of experience and will guarantee their work. 

If you find a contractor who is able to make promises up front that seem too good to be true, they probably are.  Get contractor referrals from your insurance company. They are experts when it comes to building and rebuilding homes as well as costs associated with construction and home values.  Be wary of neighbors or friends who tell you they know someone who can do it much cheaper and quicker.  This may be okay for a small project or repair, but not for a substantial home remodel or repair.

Remember, great contractors are busier than ever.  Great contractors are honest about time frames and the unprecedented times we are in.  Great contractors DO make mistakes, and correct them.    

Most importantly: ALL contractors want to complete your project in a timely manner so they can get final payment and move on to another project.  A GREAT contractor will make sure your project is completed to your satisfaction as soon as “possible” and they will warranty their work!